Life is Bliss!

Life  is Bliss!
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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Goals for the 1st Quarter...Loving 2015 so far!

Resolutions...Goals, Plans for the "New Year"....etc, etc.

Whatever you wanna call it, i chose to title my plans for the AWESOME 2015..."GOALS"

Whichever way you want to look at it as long as you've made plans and goals to improve your life for the better and make this world a better place to live (In other words, positively impacting lives). I don't know about you, but I've made short-term & long term goals for myself...according to Quarters of the year so not to overwhelm myself.

This is what i did, something i think may be of help to you too; I've categorized my Goals (yea, that's what i call them) as follows:-
  • Per quarter/term
    • Determining the Goals (Between Short Term & Long Term)
    • Due date for achievement
    • Progress on the specific goal
    • Ways to improve that specific goal to achieve the required skill/s more effectively.
Speaking of goals, that was just an introduction of things i want to do this year...i know some of them may be far-fetched...but i am putting that kind of pressure to see the impossible coming to fruition. I mean, come to think of it...this is the new year with new vibes and it is up to an individual to make the most of it and GO BIGGER!

So, i'm so excited and pumped up to do things that i haven't done before; i'm so praying for the grace &  strength to start these "2015 Goals" and finish them strong...however i must admit that i really didn't enter my year with vigor or the usual excitement for the New year. I feel like a deflated balloon and just dragging myself into it; BUT i refuse to succumb to those feelings and choose to rationalize my situation and choose to be positive & pushing for GOLD!

By the way, this is my second post...i'm really excited about blogging and i must say that it is impacting me positively...for the fact that there are so far 35 people who have viewed my blog. It's 35 views within 2 weeks, i can't say it's bad BUT promising; and as I've already said before...all you novices & experts of BLOGGING out there (OR IN the sphere); you are welcome to give guidelines for improvement and advise on how to make it better.

As I've listed my "2015 GOALS";below are just a few of that which I've already explored and started on and others still strategizing on how to realistically implement or action them:-

  • I've joined some kinda marathon club, that is 'run' globally;I've also enclosed the link if it may be of interest to you: . I was personally introduced to the run by a colleague, then i thought "why not" as I've intended to improve my health by eating right and working out. What i like is that it's open to everyone, safe and free to join without a joining or a monthly fee to pay; and at the same time you're keeping healthy.
  • I'd also like to join a Musical theater, i'm a lover for theater and i believe that I've got what it takes to make it in theater however...the tricky part is sustaining this role especially if the production requires that i be available during office'd be a BUMMER for me. There's a say, that says..."You'll never know, until you try!"

"Pretend you're not alone, like you are center stage on Broadway."
I sometimes think to myself, why am i in a 7am - 4pm job; whereas sometimes (in between)...i end up day-dreaming being center stage...dancing to the beats in my head. :-P *whispering in my head* "Is that the calling to theater?"

  • Enroll for a vocational course (Medical) that will draw me closer to one of my long term goals; that i haven't listed but have in mind & already started working towards. I will talk more about this point once I've settled in and confident & not forgetting being more acquainted to blogging.
  • Last point for now, would be...Blogging, Blogging & more Blogging! How can i forget that one point?! *Rolls eyes though it hurts*
Please, please feel free to comment or recommend; looking forward to hearing from you!

Love, Love - TheBride2

Saturday, 3 January 2015

1st Timer...Beginner......whatever you wanna call it! (-:

First time might not be perfect but hear me out...

I'm a young lady in my late enthusiast, who loves life and loves people. I'm a Project Manager, who's an aspiring entrepreneur who's studying a Sales & Marketing Programme with an International University in South Africa. 

That doesn't define who i am, i'm a daughter of the Only One, True & Living GOD; the Creator of Heaven and Earth; more about that in the blogs i'll be posting soon***. I'm not religious however i believe we're all spiritual and all do have some ONE we worship  whereas others idolize. Just a few of the things/items that i like are as follows:-

  • Butterflies
  • LadyBirds
  • Funky yet cute Brooches
  • Ribbons
  • Bows
  • Bling, Bling & More Bling!

 As the title of my "1st Blog" entails; it is my first blog...i am new to this 'Blogging World' and open to receive any positive advise or counsel on how to become a better and 'budding' blogger. I believe the below image will give an idea to my stage in Blogging....

I don't just want to write what comes up from my mind and splash it on here for attention or for the sake of 'blogging' but i'd like to add value in anyway equipped to or i believe it'll help anyone out there...."Hello!" 

Oops! I just did it; in any case...i am trying my hand at blogging and hoping to meet with PM's, Entrepreneurs, Marketers,  Consultants, Engineers, Cellist's, Musicians...more artists and just about anybody. My interests in blogging will comprise of the following interests:-

  • Spirituality
  • Self Development & Empowerment
  • Love, Relationships & more
  • Family
  • Health, Beauty & Fitness
  • Athletics/Sports (to a certain extent) *Don't let my partner hear that*
  • Music
  • Art
  • Literature
  • Gardening
  • House interior & exterior designing
  • Fashion Ltd.
  • Travel, Travel and MORE Traveling...
I trust that the less i have written for today will at-least give you an idea of the person that i am and what i am into &what this blog will be long!

Love, Love - Thebride2